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Oleen’s ice cream is Olino’s subsidiary. It is organized and supervised directly under Olino Bakery Surabaya which only starts from November 2016. It is located on Supermall 2 Surabaya, basement near Lotte mart. It sells various products start from our signature premium ice cream, waffle crisp and waffle with various topping.

We also provide services for event organizer or directly for wedding and sweet seventeen party.

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Oleens Ice Cream

High Quality and tasteful ice cream for healthy choice.

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Oleen’s ice cream is Olino’s Bakery subsidiary which is established in December 2017. Its production is located at Olinos Home Bakery at Kupang Indah. It is a direct selling counter, all liters purchase can be made by order because we always want to give the freshest product for you.

Oleen’s made healthy premium quality handmade ice creams which used 100% real milk and cream without any preservative. All flavors are made using high quality ingredients, for example strawberry is made by real strawberry fruit, pistachio flavor with real pistachio paste and vanilla with real vanilla beans. Even the cone itself is made using our own formula without any additive ingredients. You can witness this cone making process in front of you. That’s why our ice cream is a healthy choice for you because eating our ice cream is the same things as drinking flavored milk.

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Waffle Chips

Taste the Oleens waffle, just yummmyy!!!.

Waffle Chips

Waffle chips has 5 flavors which are original, sesame, orange, chocolate and coffee. You can get fresh product which will be cooked in front of you. Smell how delicious it is directly there! The ice cream and waffle chips are the perfect combination for you food lovers.

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